WORLD'S MOST EXPERIENCED VOLUME TRAINING INSTITUTION 17 Countries 60+ Hacamat training every month in the city Süleyman GÖK and Specialist Doctor signed Hacamat Leech Certificate

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Denmark Course Language: English

Hijama Course in English

This course is given by Hijama Course in English instructor Dr./N Süleyman GÖK of our most experienced instructors.

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Why should I choose International Hijama Institute?

We are the world most experienced Hijama Institute in the world. Our head quarter is in LOS ANGELES USA and have branches in Dallas USA, Munich Germany, Amsterdam Netherland, Istanbul, Qatar, Azarbaijan, Paris. And also every month we training program aproximatly in 10+ different country 40+ Cities With 20+ Experinced Med Dr. Trainers. For Hijama Training we are the best

  1. • Every month we do training in 12+ Countries Including Turkey, USA, Germany, Netherland, Switzerland, France, Spain, Azerbayjan and Katar
  2. • Since 2008 we have trained more than 15,000 Hijama pracitioner in 17+ different Countries, 60+ Cities.
  3. • Every month we have course more than 40+ Cities.
  4. • If you can gather 10+ people we can send professional trainer even our founder Dr./N suleyman Gok anywhere in the world. Or try online courses.

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