06 Jun 2020 - / United KingdomLive Online Hijama Course

  • Trainer Dr./N Süleyman GÖK
  • State
  • CountryUnited Kingdom
  • Course LanguageTurkish
  • Date06 Jun 2020
  • Time1 Day
  • Price

About Course

Live Online Hijama & Leech Therapy Course

There is a fee for this online training. You have to fallow free YOU TUBE training and pass the exam in order to attend this course.

Purpose of this online course to cover all questions regarding Hijama & Leech Therapy.

We are constantly working on adding new videos on YOU TUBE. How ever we will cover all missing pieces in live online course.

What Do You Have When You Attend A Course?
  • Duration for live online course

    This Course will be aproximatly 5 to 6 hours of online training. But there is no time limit untill all students understand the Hijama and basic of the Leech Therapy.

  • Hijama and Leech Therapy Certificate

    You don't have to attend this course to get Hijama and/or Leech Therapy Certificate. Watch all FREE YOU TUBE Videos. Take an exam. And you can be eligible to receive Hijama or Leech Therapy Certificate.

  • How can i take Online exam.

    Watch all Videos loaded on YOU TUBE. When you feel confident about your self you may call or write via WhatsApp the numbers you see below. If you don't feel confident with a extra additional small fee you may attend LIVE ONLINE HIJAMA & LEECH THERAPY COURSE

    Turkey +90 532 301 10 46 WhatsApp

    Europe +49 157 316 344 33 WhatsApp

    USA & Canada  +1 714 909 46 66  WhatsApp .

    Why all videos are free in YOU TUBE channel. After the CORONA VIRUS our founder Mr. GOK decided to teach hijama any one free of charge for the benefit of whole humanity.

  • How much is the fee for Live Online Hijama & Leech Therapy Course.

    Europe 100€, USA & Canada, rest of the all countries 100$

  • How can i get Licence to practice Hijama

    Our Certificate is Approved by International Hijama Institute. 

    However every country has different medical laws. In Europe most countries such as Germany those who have 2 years' Traditional Medicine Training (Heilpraktiker) or Doctor of Naturopathy training can use our certificate.

    All medical doctors, nurses, and those who have the right to do intradermal application under the skin such beauty experts may use our certificate in most countries. 

    Also in England, Australia, and India you can use our certificate with general liability insurance after you get basic hygiene training.

    Before you request a Certificate it is your responsibility whether you may legally practice hijama or leech therapy. 

    Once you pay a Certificate fee there is no refund. 

  • Hijama Certificate Signed by Suleyman GOK

    It is a privilege to get the certificate by Süleyman Gok, the world's best-selling hijama book writer. 
    To receive the International Hijama certificate (Certificate of Participation) signed by Suleyman GOK, you must take an online exam and have a p or better passing score.

Course Content

Most beneficial and also sunnah hijama points used by Prophet Muhammed (sav-pbuh)



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