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About Course

Turkey's firs World best and most experinced .
World best Hijama Training Institute

Since 2008 We have trained more than 15,000 hijama experts. Our founder Dr. /N Suleyman Gok is the world most experinced trainer.

Any where in Turkey anywhere in the wolrd over 7+ group we can come and train you for hijama. We do hijama courses in English, Arabic, Russian, German and Dutch Language.

For all students we provide world best selling Hijama book written by Dr./N Suleyman Gok which is our founder and President of Turkey Hijama AssociationWorld wide Hijama Course WhatsApp Hijama Help Center +90 532 318 44 37.

What Do You Have When You Attend A Course?
  • Certificate in 7 different language English, Turkish, Arabic, Dutch, German...

    Hijama & Leech Thrapy Course is combine course modul. You will get 2 separate Certificate.

    Hacamat veya Sülük Sertifikası almak isteyenler online sınava girip başarı gösterdikleri halde katılım belgesi almaya hak kazanırlar.
    Türkçe - İngilizce, Almanca İngilizce, Almanca Türkçe, Flemenkçe Türkçe veya Rusça Türkçe lisanlarında hazırlanmış katılım belgelerinden birini tercih edebilrsiniz.

  • Hijama Application training with the Certified professional hijama Experts

    We have trained Hijama experts in 17+ Countries 60+ cities

  • World best selling Hijama book is our gift

    Written by our founder Dr./N Suleyman Gok

  • Certificate signed by Mr. Dr./N Suleyman Gok

    Certificate signed by Mr. Dr./N Suleyman Gok one of the world best trainer who has been training since 2008 and trained more than 17+ countries. 2008'den bu yana 17 Ülkede 60+ Şehirde Hacamat Eğitimi vermiş Dünyanın en çok satan hacamat kitabı yazarı Süleyman Gök imzalı katılım belgesi. Süleyman Gök imzalı bir belge sahibi almak, Süleyman GÖK beye kitap imzalatmak bir ayrıcalıktır.

  • Fiziologie of hijama, how hijama works, detail hijama points all in this class.

    Fiziologie of hijama, how hijama works, detail hijama points all in this class.

Course Content

* Secrets of hijama, benefits of hijama, LEech and hijama together.
Every single our student will do practice with the control of medical doctor.
From A to Z Leech Therapy. Secrets of using Leech and Hijama Therapy
Hacamat ve Sülük birlikte kullanırken nelere dikkat etmeliyiz.


1.0 GT teşhis yöntemleri


Frequently Asked Questions

Normal course duration is 1 day. And 1 day is enough for some one who has basic hijama and medical bacground. Any one who request xourse duration can be extended 2 days, 3 days or even a week.
Anyone who iss under 50 over 16 can attend the course. There is no special requiremnts except for Turkish people who residece in Turkey. They must have at least 2 years medical degree or training.
Yes, sure you can. Please note our training is only one day sometimes two days and in one day or two day course we do not teach anatomy, fizyologie or patalogie. We only teach secret of hijama for tjose who has already basic understending of medicne and has little medical background.
Online Training is available please call or write +90 532 318 44 37 to Whats App
We have hijama trainers in 21+ country and 80+ cities around the world. İf you don't see any course in the country you live in just gather 5+ people we will send a trainer in your country and to your city. Even our founder and also world best selling hijama book aouthor Mr. Suleyman Gok even can come to you as a trainer. Just fill the application form or make a whatsapp call to our center +90 532 318 44 37