Hijama Courses in English

Hijama and Leech Course in English

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Hijama Course in English 150$
Leech Therapy Course 150₺
For a limited time
Hijama and Leech Therapy Course together; 200$ .

Private Course and very detail training in English also available at cost of 300$ Group Disconuts are available
Private courses will be orgized with your schedule.
You will get 3 certifikate in private course.

Since 2008 we have trained more than 7,000 Hijama practioner in 17 different country and 40 different cities. YES WE ARE THE BEST.

Our headquarter located in İSTANBUL-TURKEY and we are the world best and most experinced hijama training and education company.
We have actively 15-20 Hijama course location every month in different cities, in different countries.
Most of our hijama and leech courses are held in Turkey and Germany in Türkish Language. But there are some hijama and leech courses are avaliable in English, Arabic, German, French and Russian Language.

We are the world best hijama and leech therapy education and training institution!

Discounts for Groups

%10 Discount

%10 Discount for two

%20 Discount

%20 Discount for 3 or 4

%30 Discount

%30 Discount for 5 or 6

%50 Discount

%50 Discount for 7+

Some of our Branches in Worldwide

Some of our Best Hijama Trainers


Trainers Wanted,

Doctors, Nurses, Health Specialists Welcome


Dr./N Suleyman GOK

World and Turkeys Best Trainer

Turkey, Germany


World Best MD Trainer in Hijama

Tüm Akdeniz

Phd Dr./MD S. A. Koçtürk

Hijama and Leech Trainer

Tüm Avrupa

Hp Tuncay YILMAZ

Heil Praktiker


Dr./MD Dilfouza KADİROVA

Ozbekistan Trainer


Heilpraktiker Ali Gurbuga

Switzerland best trainer

Berlin Hamburg

Dr./MD Ahmet UZ

Hijama and Leech Trainer

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